And we’ll be here when this trend dies.

How do you make your holiday season cozier? Not with hygge, as you’ve no doubt become accustomed to hearing. This holiday season, “hygge” is being used to sell you everything from wool blankets to scented candles. The word, Scandinavian in origin and defined, somewhat loosely, as “a feeling of coziness and quality of well-being,” has been overused and outplayed this holiday season. You’d think we would have jumped on the bandwagon, being that our mission is literally to increase your coziness and wellbeing. But truth be told, we’ve been a little upset at the uptick in products playing in our cozy space.

We’re not saying we own coziness, we’re just gently reminding the world that Caframo brought the first Ecofan to market in 1994. That’s long before “hygge” first made its way from a Danish speaking person’s mouth across the world to North America, where the birth of marketing lingo takes place. It’s also long before Starbucks took over the globe with their hot drink trends. Yes, hygge has been used to sell coffee this winter, too.

Should we have given in and given the same treatment to Ecofan? Some might think so, but allow us to paint you a picture of the way we envision Ecofans are used:

You’ve just come in from a cold winter day. Frost hangs from your eyelashes, your cheeks are rosy and numb. The kids’ gloves and boots are soaked from building snow forts and their toes and fingers grew colder the more fun they had. You even joined them in having a snowball fight. Back inside, you all toss your wet clothes in a pile by the door and run to your room for dry socks and sweat pants. The temperature outside has dropped as the early winter sunset is well underway. Your spouse has a warm pot of apple cider on the stove and the house smells like the cinnamon sticks poking over the edge. Your thermostat is set at a responsible heat setting for mid-winter, nice, but it’s not going to cut it for warming up your frozen family as quickly as you’d like. You head to the woodstove and hastily build the biggest log structure it will hold. You light it and as the fire builds, your kids gather on chairs and couches around the stove, pulling with them blankets and pillows in one hand, holding steaming mugs of cider in the other. With the first rotations of your Ecofan’s blades, you know that you and your family will be feeling the fire’s warmth sooner than had you left the top of your wood stove bare. You and your spouse gather around, drinks in hand, pull a blanket close and watch the fire crackle and the Ecofan spin….

… oh… actually, we totally ARE hygge. LOL. Happy holidays!