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  1. November 20, 2019

    Why #DeskDecor Is a Thing That Matters

    How a minimalist approach to your workspace can maximize your productivity Instagram and other photo sharing platforms rely on visually compelling pictures to keep you engaged. Every eyeball is revenue and to…
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  2. November 05, 2019

    5 Reasons to be Thankful for JOI

    These Things Turn a JOI Lamp Owner into a JOI Lamp Gift Giver This is the time of year we see the biggest spike in sales for JOI Lamp. People just love to give it as a holiday gift. We know from customer feedback and reading…
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  3. November 04, 2019

    How to Fight Cold Feet

    Feel Like a Winner at Work with a Space Heater for Your Desk Disclaimer: Image is not a picture taken at Caframo’s offices. Caframo does not endorse burning candles in the office (unless it’s a
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  4. November 01, 2019

    VanCity VanLife Visits Caframo

    We gave one of the biggest weirdos on YouTube full access to our office. Some people shy away from a camera in favour of the private life. Chrome, or
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  5. November 01, 2019

    How to Show Your Wood Stove Love

    If you have a wood stove, you probably like it a lot. But do you love it? More importantly, does your wood stove know you love it? It’s an important part of your homestead that keeps you and your family living a cozy life all winter long, so…
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