Sales of MediHeat have begun and we can already tell that this is a product people have been waiting for!

To refresh your mind, MediHeat is a space heater certified safe for farm use and the only heater certified for use in brooders and incubators.

MediHeat adds two high-quality mesh filters covering the air intake, keeping straw and debris away from the heater. The component’s screens are washable and replaceable, so that the heater can continue to run safely during peak birthing seasons.

Two heat settings and a fan-only setting will help a farmer take the calf warmer’s occupant from hypothermic to warm and back to an adaptable temperature so that the animal can be properly conditioned for life on the farm.

MediHeat builds on Caframo Comfort Solution’s successful True North Heater, sold across Canada in Canadian Tire, Home Hardware and other popular stores.

We look forward to a busy calving season and hope to hear from many happy cattle farmers that we’ve helped save their precious livestock!