You can't fail this gift giving season if you give a JOI Lamp

When occasions arise and it’s time to purchase a gift for a friend or loved one, it’s rare to find good options that would appeal to everyone. Even more, selecting something thoughtful takes time and consideration which is often why gift shopping causes so much anxiety for many. Gift giving for weddings, birthdays, holidays and other special occasions also have seasonal limitations which can make the process of finding that perfect gift all the more challenging. Of course, anyone can purchase gift cards, but then there’s that question if doing so demonstrates sincerity or obligation.

We believe the JOI Lamp is the answer to all your gift giving woes and to prove it, here are five reasons it makes the most perfect (and thoughtful) gift:

1. Anyone can use it
Is there anyone you know that doesn’t need light? Chances are no, and that’s because light is a universal need that is not gender or age specific. The JOI Lamp is also lightweight and non-technical, making it easy for anyone to operate. Although children should always be supervised when close to flames of any size, its stainless steel enclosure and built-in safety features will protect your loved ones against any risk that can arise from overheating.

2. It is decorative
With functionality to fit in any space in or outside the home, the JOI Lamp was also designed to compliment any style of decor. The stainless steel enclosure adds modern notes, while the cabin-like shape of the lamp gives a taste of rustic elements. Its sleek design and warm glow from the candle creates an inviting ambiance that will accent any fireplace mantle, or dining table as a centrepiece.  

3. Useful for any occasion
Due to its portability, there are endless opportunities when the JOI Lamp would come in handy. Apart from being a great emergency preparedness gift idea, your loved ones will also appreciate JOI if they frequent a cottage up north, enjoy relaxing on their outdoor patio or deck, fire up the BBQ, own an RV, or like to camp, host holidays, meals and get togethers.  

4. Green Power
Since the JOI Lamp uses thermoelectric technology to conduct its power, many will see the value in having this eco-friendly alternative. By using JOI Premium Tea Lights to power up the LEDs, a sustainable source of light is generated, compared to that of solar lights which hold their charge using nickel-based rechargeable batteries. The kicker there is that the batteries need to be changed every two years or so, unlike the JOI which doesn’t use batteries making it a low waste product.

5. Canadian Made
Enough said.